Bengaluru Bandh: Karnataka’s Transport Unions Call for Strike, Government on Alert – A 10-Point Overview

Bengaluru Bandh: Karnataka’s Transport Unions Call for Strike, Government on Alert – A 10-Point Overview

Bengaluru Bandh :Private transportation in Karnataka calls for a one-day strike in Bengaluru against the government’s Shakti scheme.


‘Bengaluru Bandh’ : September 11, Monday, a one-day strike known as ‘Bengaluru Bandh’ has been called for by private transportation unions in Karnataka. This strike is in protest against the state government’s Shakti scheme, which offers free travel facilities to women on non-premium government buses. As tensions rise, here’s a comprehensive 10-point guide to the Bengaluru Bandh story:


Bengaluru Bandh

  1. Transport Chaos Expected: Lakhs of private vehicles, including autos, taxis, maxi cabs, goods vehicles, and corporate buses, may remain off the roads on Monday. This could result in commuting difficulties for school students, office-goers, and others.
  2. Contingency Plans in Place: Authorities have put alternative plans in motion to minimize inconvenience for the public on Monday.
  3. Government’s Assurance: Karnataka’s Transport Minister, Ramalinga Reddy, assured that the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses have been deployed to prevent any disruptions for the public .
  4. BMTC Steps In: “We have arranged BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) buses for school-going children, office-going people, and those who are going to hospitals,” the minister stated.
  5. Additional Buses: In total, BMTC has arranged approximately 500 extra buses to ensure a smooth commute. Minister Reddy emphasized that the strike, led by private transport, is their right to pursue.
  6. Government’s Directives: During a meeting with the Commissioner of the Transport Department and senior police officials, the transport minister instructed them to take actions that ensure no inconvenience for the general public and school children.
  7. Government Bus Deployment: The officials have been directed to operate government buses on routes to schools and colleges in Bengaluru. Additionally, more buses should be stationed near hospitals to avoid any difficulties for patients .
  8. School Holiday Declarations: In response to the strike, some schools in the city have declared a holiday on Monday to prevent any disruption to students .
  9. Bandh Against Shakti Scheme: Private vehicle owners and drivers have called for a Bandh (strike) in Bengaluru, opposing the Shakti scheme. This initiative, one of the five government guarantees, provides free travel to women on government buses.
  10. Bandh Duration: The Bandh has been called from Sunday midnight to Monday midnight, encompassing a 24-hour period of protest and potential disruptions in the city.

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