Tragedy Strikes as lift collapse in thane from 40-Storey Building in Balkum, Claiming Seven Lives

Tragedy Strikes as lift collapse in thane from 40-Storey Building in Balkum, Claiming Seven Lives


Lift Collapse in Thane,   heart-wrenching incident that sent shockwaves through the community, seven workers lost their lives while two others sustained severe injuries when an elevator plummeted from the 40-storey Runwal Eirene building in the Balkum area of Thane. The incident occurred during waterproofing work on the building’s roof, casting a pall of sorrow over the neighborhood.

Upon receiving information about the incident, local law enforcement and fire brigade personnel rushed to the scene, initiating an immediate response. The police have launched an investigation into the matter to ascertain the precise circumstances that led to this tragic accident.

Yasin Tadvi, Chief of the Regional Disaster Management Cell (RDMC) in Thane, provided insights into the incident, stating, “The tragedy unfolded during waterproofing work on the recently completed 40-storey Runwal Eirene building, located adjacent to Narayani School in Balkum. The horrific accident occurred when the elevator’s rope snapped while the workers were descending after completing their tasks. Quick-thinking eyewitnesses immediately alerted the Balkum fire brigade, and Balkum Fire Brigade Station Officer Omkar Vaiti and his team responded swiftly.”


Moreover, former local corporator Sanjay Bhoir, upon hearing of the incident, rushed to the accident site and actively participated in the rescue operation. The collaborative efforts of the rescue team proved crucial in extricating the trapped workers from the stricken elevator.

Tadvi further elaborated on the grim outcome, saying, “Tragically, six workers lost their lives on the spot as a result of this devastating accident. Two workers who sustained serious injuries were promptly transferred to a private hospital for medical attention. The police are diligently conducting an investigation to uncover the exact cause of this heartrending incident.”

The entire community in Balkum is mourning the loss of these valuable lives and offering their heartfelt condolences to the families affected by this calamity. As the investigation unfolds, the hope is that it will shed light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic event and contribute to preventing such accidents in the future.

Photo after elevator collapse

Names of injured and deceased in the accident:


1)Sunil Kumar Das (M/ Age 21 years)

1) Mahendra Choupal (M / age 32 years)
2) Rupesh Kumar Das (M / Age 21 years)
3) Haroon Shaikh (M / 47 years)
4) Mithlesh (M/ 35 years)
5) Karidas (M/ 38 years)
6) Unknown (M)

7) Unknown (M)


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