Blue Dart Express Rebrands Premium Service as Bharat Dart, Stock Surges

Blue Dart Express Rebrands Premium Service as Bharat Dart, Stock Surges



Blue Dart said that the move to rename one of its services to Bharat Dart stems from an extensive discovery and research process.

Logistics giant Blue Dart made a significant announcement on Wednesday, revealing the rebranding of its premium service in India from Dart Plus to Bharat Plus. In a company filing dated September 13, Blue Dart emphasized that this strategic transformation represents a milestone in its ongoing journey, highlighting its steadfast dedication to serving the diverse needs of Bharat.

The rationale behind this rebranding, as explained by Blue Dart, is the result of an extensive discovery and research process. The company extended an invitation to all stakeholders to join them on this transformative journey as they continue to connect Bharat with the world and vice versa.

On the stock market front, Blue Dart Express Limited shares were trading at Rs 6,769.00, marking a 2.32 percent increase.

According to the company’s filing, “Bharat Dart is a time-sensitive delivery service, backed by speed, security, and efficient handling, offering value-added features such as complete visibility on the last mile and easy payment options.”

The statement further emphasized that “Bharat Dart is set to redefine express logistics in Bharat, providing unparalleled speed, coverage, and support for businesses of all sizes.”

Blue Dart has an extensive reach, spanning over 55,000-plus locations across India and extending to 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Initiatives like DAWN (Delivery Anywhere Now) and RISE (Revenue Increase from SMEs and Emerging Markets) have expanded Blue Dart’s serviceable areas, with a particular focus on tier-II and tier-III cities in India.

The growth in these cities is closely tied to the rise of a new middle class and an increasing culture of consumption. In FY-23, tier-II and tier-III cities collectively accounted for 18.6 percent and 37.1 percent, respectively, of the overall e-commerce market, with their influence projected to increase further in the sector.

For the quarter ending June 30, 2023, the company reported a profit after tax of Rs 59.74 crores, with revenue from operations standing at Rs 1,238 crores.

Blue Dart, known for its extensive network, encompassing more than 55,000 locations, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, continued to deliver strong performance. During the quarter, the company handled 839 lakh shipments (compared to 771 lakh shipments the previous year), weighing 285,625 tons (compared to 278,393 tons the previous year).

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