Dramatic Incident Unfolds at Delhi’s Luxury Hotel Involving Chinese G20 Delegates’ Baggage: Insider Insights

Dramatic Incident Unfolds at Delhi’s Luxury Hotel Involving Chinese G20 Delegates’ Baggage: Insider Insights



Later, in one of the rooms occupied by the delegation, a hotel staff spotted “suspicious equipment ” inside two bags.

A riveting 12-hour incident unfolded in Delhi last Thursday at a prestigious five-star hotel where the Chinese G20 Delegates was accommodated. It all began when the hotel’s security team grew suspicious of a delegate carrying a bag with unusual dimensions.

Adhering to diplomatic protocols, the security personnel at the Taj Palace Hotel initially allowed the bags to pass. However, the situation took a twist when a hotel staff member, in one of the delegation’s rooms, noticed what they considered “suspicious equipment” inside two of the bags.

Upon alerting the hotel’s security department, officials requested the delegation members to allow scanning of the bags, but they reportedly resisted this request.

Sources suggest that the Chinese delegation attempted to classify the bags as ‘diplomatic baggage,’ sparking a dispute.

According to insiders, this disagreement led to a protracted standoff, which was eventually resolved when the Chinese officials agreed to transfer the bags to their embassy.

“A security team maintained a vigil outside the hotel room for approximately 12 hours, but the Chinese officials refused to permit inspection of their bags,” a source disclosed to NDTV.

The source further explained, “Following extensive discussions, the Chinese delegation eventually relocated their bags to the embassy.”

The G20 summit, held on September 9 and 10, took place in the national capital. India celebrated a significant diplomatic victory as the G20 summit, conducted under its presidency, achieved “100% consensus” on the ‘New Delhi Declaration,’ overcoming substantial differences concerning the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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Notably, Chinese President Xi Jinping did not attend the summit, with Premier Li Qiang leading the country’s delegation instead.

China reiterated its unwavering support for the G20’s endeavors, underscoring the group’s unity and cooperation in tackling various global economic and developmental challenges.