Mumbai’s iconic double decker bus retires after 8 decade of services

Mumbai’s iconic double decker bus retires after 8 decade of services

Mumbai : The iconic double decker bus of Mumbai went on its last ride after it has been officially retired from the roads after 8 decades of its services.

The last journey of the bus started from Seepz Bus depot in Mumbai with passengers on the upper deck taking the old style tickets for the one last time.

On Friday night, the non-air-conditioned double-decker buses, which had been operating on various routes throughout Mumbai for 86 years, bid farewell to their daily commuters and tourists. The decision to retire these buses came from the BEST authorities as part of their efforts to modernize and reduce operational costs. The final service of these non-AC double-decker buses departed from Marol Depot on Friday morning.

Since their introduction in 1937, the iconic red double-decker buses have become an inseparable part of the city’s identity, leaving an indelible mark in the memories of both its residents and visitors. Additionally, they have found their way onto the big screens of Indian and Hollywood movies in this lively metropolis.

Now, these buses are being replaced by the new modern electric red and black double-decker buses; so far, 25 such buses have already come on the roads.

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During the early 1990s, the BEST operated a fleet of approximately 900 double-decker buses. However, as the years progressed, changing circumstances, escalating operational expenses, and frequent layovers throughout the city contributed to their gradual decline, especially after the mid-90s.

While the bus has been officially retired from the Mumbai roads, it will always be on the minds and memories forever.