Actor Janmejaya Singh’s Bollywood Debut in “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain” on October 13, 2023

Actor Janmejaya Singh’s Bollywood Debut in “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain” on October 13, 2023

Bollywood’s glittering stage is set to embrace a rising star, as actor Janmejaya Singh takes his first strides into the spotlight with his lead role in the eagerly awaited romantic comedy film, “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain.”


This cinematic gem, produced by Govind Bansal and Rema Lahiri under the banner of SRG Films International and skillfully penned and directed by Rajann Lyallppuri, is poised to deliver a delightful fusion of love and laughter.

In “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain,” Janmejaya Singh steps into the shoes of the protagonist, embarking on a riotous and intricate love triangle. The film artfully explores the comedic and heartwarming complexities that arise when he finds himself torn between two captivating women, brought to life by the talented duo of Rituparna Sengupta and Anusmriti Sarkar.

With a script that guarantees side-splitting humor, poignant moments, and a generous serving of romance, “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain” promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave audiences beaming long after the credits roll.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Janmejaya Singh remarked, “I am incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to make my Bollywood debut with ‘Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain.’ This film is a dream come true, and I hope it brings joy and laughter to audiences everywhere. Working alongside such talented co-stars and a dedicated team has been an enriching experience, and I can’t wait to share our creation with the world.”

Mark your calendars for the 13th of October, 2023, as “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain” promises a heartwarming and uproarious cinematic journey, introducing Janmejaya Singh as the newest leading man in Bollywood. Prepare for a dose of love and laughter that will linger in your heart.

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