Maneesh Sharma Teases ‘Tiger 3’: Expect Much More Than What You’ve Seen

Maneesh Sharma Teases ‘Tiger 3’: Expect Much More Than What You’ve Seen


Filmmaker Maneesh Sharma is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of ‘Tiger 3,’ starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

He’s excited to share that the audience has only glimpsed a fraction of what the film has to offer in terms of its thrilling narrative.

With the teaser and trailer of ‘Tiger 3’ already creating waves and pumping up the adrenaline, the film promises to be a spectacular action extravaganza in theaters during this festive season, with Salman and Katrina reprising their iconic roles as super spies Tiger and Zoya.

Regarding the teaser and trailer, Maneesh Sharma explained, “We crafted the Tiger 3 teaser and trailer to provide a glimpse of how Tiger’s story unfolds, but you’ve seen just a mere 1 percent of what we have in store. We’ve saved the best for the big screen.”

He went on to reveal, “Around 50-60 percent of the film is comprised of extensive action sequences, and we only wanted to provide a small peek into what awaits you. We aim to deliver that sense of surprise and euphoria that comes when you’re watching something beyond your expectations. With a film like ‘Tiger 3,’ it’s crucial to hold back and let the anticipation build.”

“Just imagine if we had given away everything already! That’s why we ensured that some of our most thrilling sequences are not even featured in the trailer, allowing Tiger’s fans to gasp, whistle, and cheer in the theaters,” he added.

Maneesh emphasized that ‘Tiger 3’ is a cinematic spectacle meant for the big screen, and their goal is to give the audience a delightful surprise.

“We want people to experience a ‘Diwali Dhamaaka’ this year when ‘Tiger 3’ roars into cinemas. If we can achieve that, it will bring immense joy to the ‘Tiger 3’ team,” he concluded.

‘Tiger 3’ is scheduled to hit theaters this Diwali, on November 12, with releases in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.