Hathi Mustard Oil – a preferred healthy edible oil during festivities

Hathi Mustard Oil – a preferred healthy edible oil during festivities



Kolkata, October 27, 2023 –

Hathi Mustard Oil has established itself as one of the finest edible oil in India. With festivals around the corner, it has also emerged out as one of the preferred choices to cook delicacies and its usage in spiritual purposes.

As a leading player in the edible oil industry, Hathi Mustard Oil has long upheld its legacy of providing the finest and healthiest cooking oils to households nationwide.

Raghav Bhagat, President of Hathi Mustard Oil, eagerly anticipates the forthcoming festive season, stating, “At Hathi Mustard Oil, our mission has always been to offer our customers the finest and most authentic products. Making it a part of everyone’s lifestyle is our motto. This festive season, we are introducing a special collection to gift your loved ones a taste of purity and health.”

Beyond its culinary applications, Hathi Brand Kacchi Ghani Oil holds tremendous cultural significance. In Indian households, it is frequently employed for lighting diyas and during pooja ceremonies, symbolizing purity and divinity. Hathi Mustard Oil takes pride in being an integral part of these sacred traditions and continues to be the preferred choice for these auspicious rituals.
Durga Puja is here and lighting diyas of mustard oil has a grand spiritual significance.

In Kolkata, people were seen using the Hathi Mustard oil, signifying the trust in quality of the oil.

Protima Panda, an enthusiastic user and mother of two, enthusiastically expressed, “I maintain my family’s health by using Hathi Brand’s quality Kacchi Ghani oil in my daily food recipes. I also recommend my friends to use the oil to continue nourishing good health.”

Not just in houses, Mr Rakesh Paul, a sweet shop owner in Kolkata said, he has been preparing several dishes in his hotel with Hathi brand oil. The oil is fresh, tasty and add charm to the taste buds of his customers.

Hathi Mustard Oil remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and purity in all its products. Hathi Brand Kacchi Ghani Oil is no exception, and we are thrilled to share its benefits and heritage with our customers.