Zika Virus Detected Near Bengaluru, Karnataka on High Alert

Zika Virus Detected Near Bengaluru, Karnataka on High Alert

Karnataka is on high alert after the Zika virus was detected near Bengaluru, prompting the state to implement preventive measures. The Karnataka Health Department announced on Thursday that they have found the Zika virus in the vicinity of Bengaluru and are now closely examining all fever cases in the area. According to the health department, the virus was identified in a mosquito in Chikkaballapur after it was sent for testing in August.

Following the virus’s detection, the Karnataka Health Department has issued an alert for the 5-kilometer radius around Talkaebetta, where the infected mosquito sample was found. Dr. S. Mahesh, the District Health Officer, stated, “A total of 100 samples were collected from various locations in the state. Six of them were from Chikkaballapur, and five tested negative, while one tested positive.”

Authorities have also sent samples from three patients with high fever for pathological analysis. It’s worth noting that the mosquito carrying the virus was among several samples collected during a statewide initiative, and the results were reported on October 25.

For general knowledge, Zika virus disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, which is also known to transmit diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya. The Zika virus was initially identified in Uganda in 1947.

The health department disclosed that they conducted mosquito testing for Zika virus in 68 different locations across the state and collected samples from six areas in the Chikkaballapura district.

State health authorities have taken swift action in response to this development and have initiated preventive measures to contain the virus’s spread. Special meetings have been convened by health authorities, and officers have received clear instructions to address the crisis in its early stages.

Officials have collected blood samples from 30 pregnant women and seven individuals exhibiting fever symptoms, sending them for testing in Bengaluru. These samples were gathered from villages within a five-kilometer radius of Talakayala Betta village.

Health officers have personally visited places like Venkatapura, Dibburahalli, Bachchanahalli, Vaddahalli, and others to assess the situation. Chikkaballapura District Health Officer Mahesh Kumar has confirmed the Zika virus detection in Chikkaballapura district.