GATE 2024: IISc Releases Revised Data Science and AI Sample Paper

GATE 2024: IISc Releases Revised Data Science and AI Sample Paper


The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru has released the updated sample question paper for the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) paper for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2024. Prospective candidates can access the sample papers and the syllabus on the official GATE 2024 website at The examination is scheduled to take place on February 3, 4, 10, and 11, 2024.

The GATE 2024 Data Science and AI examination paper consists of 55 questions. The first 25 questions are each worth one mark, while the subsequent 30 questions carry two marks each.


Here’s an overview of the syllabus for GATE 2024 Data Science and AI:

**Probability and Statistics:**
– Probability axioms, sample space, events, and more.
– Random variables, probability mass functions, and distributions.
– Correlation, covariance, and more.

**Linear Algebra:**
– Vectors, matrices, and their characteristics.
– Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, determinants, and more.

**Calculus and Optimization:**
– Limits, continuity, differentiability, and more.
– Maxima and minima with a focus on optimization.

**Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms:**
– Programming in Python.
– Basic data structures and algorithms.
– Introduction to graph theory and graph algorithms.

**Database Management and Warehousing:**
– ER-model, relational model, SQL, and more.

**Machine Learning:**
– Supervised learning, including regression and classification problems.
– Unsupervised learning and clustering algorithms.
– Artificial Intelligence, including search, logic, reasoning under uncertainty.

These topics are essential for candidates preparing for the GATE 2024 Data Science and AI paper. The exam assesses candidates’ knowledge and understanding of these subjects in depth.

Click here to access the sample paper.

GATE 2024 Exam Pattern: Key Highlights

The GATE 2024 exam follows a standardized pattern with the following important features:

  • Duration: The GATE 2024 exam has a duration of 3 hours.
  • Sections: The exam is structured into various sections.
  • Question Types: The exam consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQ), multiple select questions (MSQ), and/or numerical answer type (NAT) questions.
  • Mark Distribution: The allocation of marks varies among different papers, typically totaling 100 marks for most.

Candidates should be aware that the exam conducting authority does not provide answer keys for the sample question papers, and inquiries related to the sample papers are not entertained. It is essential for candidates to become familiar with the specific exam pattern and question types relevant to their chosen GATE paper to ensure effective preparation.