Tiger 3 Review: Emraan Hashmi Dominates in Salman-Katrina Action Spectacle

Tiger 3 Review: Emraan Hashmi Dominates in Salman-Katrina Action Spectacle

Salman-Katrina’s ‘Tiger 3’ Hits Theatres Nov 12: Check Out the Review Before Watching

13 November 2023

In the initial minutes of ‘Tiger 3’, viewers are introduced to a project named ‘Mission Time-Pass,’ a fitting tribute to the immersive experience characteristic of these grand indigenous spy films. The Tiger universe has become more populated this time around, thanks to the emergence of the Yashraj Cinematic Universe (YCU). This opens up the intriguing possibility of crossovers with other spies like Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) and Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan), potentially influencing and enriching Tiger’s world. The storyline of ‘Tiger 3’ delves into the familiar theme of the India-Pakistan relationship and the clandestine spy warfare beneath the surface. Tiger’s mission involves reconciling diplomatic ties, thwarting a military coup, and preventing the assassination of the Pakistani prime minister. His adversary is Aatish (Emraan Hashmi), a Pakistani agent turned rogue, with ambitions to seize control of the nation and disrupt any prospects of peace with its neighboring country.

Salman Khan stands out as the major asset of ‘Tiger 3,’ taking the lead with a commanding presence. Throughout the film, Salman effortlessly embodies the character of Tiger, displaying a keen awareness of the evolving dynamics within his once-solo universe. Perhaps influenced by the introduction of new characters, he appears more focused and cognizant of the weight of the responsibilities he carries. In contrast to the earlier installments, ‘Tiger 3,’ directed by Maneesh Sharma, is characterized by increased verbosity and a heavier reliance on dialogue to propel the narrative forward.