Gujarat Police Utilizes Paramotor for Surveillance in Video Goes Viral

Gujarat Police Utilizes Paramotor for Surveillance in Video Goes Viral


A captivating video showcasing a Gujarat police officer conducting an aerial survey of Junagarh city on a paramotor has gone viral on social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter). The footage, shared by Gujarat Police, reveals the officer employing a paramotor, a motorized paraglider powered by a compact two-stroke engine affixed to the pilot’s back.

According to Gujarat Police’s X post, the paramotor was deployed for surveillance during the Lili Parikrama in Junagarh. This annual pilgrimage involves devotees circumambulating the spiritually significant mount Girnar in the Junagadh district. The event, held in the month of Kartik (according to the Hindu calendar), usually in November, commences from the Bhavnath temple, attracting approximately 1 lakh visitors from across India.


The video, gaining widespread attention, captures the policeman executing city surveillance from the paramotor, showcasing an innovative approach to law enforcement.

While X users expressed enthusiasm for the futuristic implementation, some suggested the adoption of drones for more efficient monitoring.

“Wow! Futuristic implementation. Looks like in the future, drone policing will happen,” commented one user.

“You can give training accordingly to your requirements. But using drones is a much better option,” added another.

A paramotor functions akin to a paraglider, with the pilot initiating a running start and providing gas via a hand-held throttle to achieve lift. Takeoff and landing are typically conducted in open fields. Although there are no formal certification requirements for paramotor pilots, the Gujarat policemen featured in the video underwent specific training to operate the machine.