Controversy Surrounds Vidyut Jamwal’s Nude Photoshoot Shared on Social Media

Controversy Surrounds Vidyut Jamwal’s Nude Photoshoot Shared on Social Media



Bollywood actor Vidyut Jamwal has stirred up a storm on the social media platform ‘X’ by sharing nude photos of himself. Within hours, these images have garnered the attention of millions of users, sparking diverse reactions. While some praise Jamwal’s courage in showcasing a nude photoshoot, others perceive it as explicit.

Jamwal shared three images, the first depicting him seated nude by the riverbank, the second with half of his body submerged in water, striking the Tree Pose (Vrikshasana). A third image shows him cooking noodles by the edge of a tree.



Alongside the images, Vidyut provided a detailed caption, expressing his spiritual connection to the Himalayan Ranges and recounting a 14-year journey that began with his retreat to the abode of the divine. He emphasizes finding comfort outside his comfort zone, resonating with the frequencies of nature and vibrating with compassion, determination, achievement, and action.

In the thread, Vidyut writes, “Here, I find the energy I seek, connect with what surrounds me, and then return home. I am ready to experience a new chapter in my life – rebirth.” He also announces the release date of his upcoming film, “Crack,” scheduled for February 23, 2024, crediting Mohar Singh, a local resident, as the film’s protagonist.

User reactions to Vidyut’s nude photos vary, with some making light-hearted comments about the solitude of a photographer’s company. Others express concerns about the perceived indecency, questioning the need for such photos. Some users go as far as reporting the post. It is not the first time a Bollywood celebrity has engaged in a nude photoshoot controversy. Similar instances occurred with Ranveer Singh and Milind Soman, sparking public debates and legal actions.

Vidyut’s post has ignited discussions on the fine line between artistic expression and inappropriate content in the Indian entertainment industry.


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