Lok Sabha Security Breach: What We Currently Know

Lok Sabha Security Breach: What We Currently Know


In a significant breach of security, two individuals with canisters jumped into the Lok Sabha chambers today, prompting the evacuation of all parliamentarians and an immediate adjournment of the session. Here is the current information available:

During the live Lok Sabha proceedings, one person was observed leaping onto the benches, while another dangled from the visitor gallery, releasing smoke.
Both individuals were in possession of gas canisters, leading to the filling of the chamber with yellow smoke, as seen in visuals on social media. Lok Sabha members successfully subdued the intruders. Gurjeet Singh Aujla, a Congress MP involved in apprehending the individuals, reported, “He had something in his one hand releasing yellow-colored smoke. I snatched it and continued throwing it outside… This is a major security breach.”
The two individuals had passes issued by the office of BJP leader Pratap Simha, according to Amroha MP Kunwar Danish Ali.

Congress MP Karti Chidambaram expressed initial confusion, thinking someone had fallen from the visitor’s gallery. Upon the second person’s jump, he realized it was a security breach, raising concerns about the potentially poisonous nature of the gas. Chidambaram called for a thorough investigation.

The incident occurred during the Zero Hour of the Parliament proceedings.
Samajwadi Party MP Dimple Yadav, present in the house during the breach, criticized the lack of identification tags for visitors and reporters, emphasizing the need for increased government attention to prevent such security lapses.

The anti-terror unit special cell of the Delhi Police has taken charge of the investigation, questioning those responsible for the Lok Sabha security breach.

Two additional individuals, a man and a woman identified as Neelam (42) and Amol Shinde (25), were detained for protesting outside the Parliament building with cans emitting yellowish smoke. Further investigation into their activities is ongoing.