Nayanthara’s ‘Annapoorani’ in Netflix turmoil

Nayanthara’s ‘Annapoorani’ in Netflix turmoil


Controversy surrounds Nayanthara’s recent film, “Annapoorani,” leading to its removal from Netflix amid allegations of hurting religious sentiments. Complaints have been lodged against the film’s portrayal of Lord Ram, accusing the makers of insulting religious figures. Netflix India took a decisive step by removing the movie from its OTT platform due to the mounting opposition.

Critics argue that the film depicts Lord Ram as a meat eater, sparking outrage and distress among many viewers. The contentious scene, portraying Lord Ram consuming meat during his exile, gained widespread attention on social media, intensifying the controversy around “Annapoorani.” In response to the escalating backlash, Netflix decided to remove the film from its platform, considering the sentiments of the audience.

Following severe criticism, the film’s producers, Zee Studios, issued a public apology. In an official statement, Zee Studios clarified that they had no intention of offending the religious sentiments of the Hindu and Brahmin communities. The apology acknowledged the inconvenience and hurt caused and expressed remorse for any distress caused to the respective communities.

Additionally, FIRs have been filed against the makers and cast of “Annapoorani” in Mumbai and Jabalpur. The complaints allege that the film includes scenes insulting Lord Shri Ram, asserting that the portrayal of Lord Ram killing animals and consuming their meat during his exile has hurt Hindu sentiments. Calls for a ban on the film have also been made.

Starring Nayanthara, Sathyaraj, Jai, and Achyut Kumar in pivotal roles, “Annapoorani,” directed by Nilesh Krishnan, revolves around the life of a chef. The removal of the film from Netflix and the ensuing controversies have sparked debates on artistic freedom and sensitivity to religious sentiments.