Special Screening of “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” Held in Delhi

Special Screening of “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” Held in Delhi

The special screening of “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” was held recently at the PVR Cinema Hall in Delhi. It was attended by BJP leader Harnath Singh Yadav, Sohni Kumari, director Mukul Vikram, Bhushan Patiyal, and Chittaranjan Giri.

On this occasion, BJP leader Harnath Singh Yadav said that this is a film based on a true incident. He had raised this issue in Parliament as well, about how land is being occupied by the Waqf Board. He gave the example of a village in Tamil Nadu where an entire village was taken over by a community and attempts were made to evict them from there. There are hundreds of such incidents.

Producer and actor Sohni Kumari said that she is from Rajasthan and has seen many such incidents where people have had to migrate due to land grabbing by a community. Keeping that in mind, she has made this film based on a true incident.

Special Screening of "Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak" Held in Delhi
Special Screening of “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” Held in Delhi

The film is produced by Sohni Kumari and Alka Chaudhary and written and directed by Mukul Vikram. Based on a true story, the story of “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” revolves around the murders taking place due to religious fanaticism between two communities, a police inspector posted in the police station, a missing family and its four members, and many other exciting situations.

The film actually exposes the deadly and horrific experiences of Kashmiri Pandits living in Muslim ‘mohallas’. How the minority and majority communities hate and despise each other. How they use different tactics to suppress each other, create an atmosphere of fear, and dishonor each other. This is what the film tries to tell.

The film stars Rajesh Sharma, Bhushan Patiyal, Gaurav Sharma, Chittaranjan Giri, Dheerendra Dwivedi, and Sohni Kumari in the lead roles. “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” will be a treat for all those cinema lovers who love to watch realistic cinema. This film is inspired by real events of life and society.