With the Dwarka Motorway’s opening, PM Modi promises to “increase development speed multiple times over the next five years.

With the Dwarka Motorway’s opening, PM Modi promises to “increase development speed multiple times over the next five years.

The Prime Minister opened the Haryana portion of the historic Dwarka Motorway to help reduce traffic congestion and improve the flow of traffic between Delhi and Gurugram on NH-48.

11 March 2024, Gurugram

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation for 112 national highway projects across the nation, totaling around Rs 1 lakh crore, and opened the 19-kilometre-long Haryana Section of the Dwarka Motorway on Monday (March 11). Prior to the inauguration, he conducted a roadshow as well.

The Prime Minister dedicated the Haryana portion of the historic Dwarka Motorway to help facilitate better traffic flow and reduce congestion between Delhi and Gurugram on NH-48.

The 10.2 km long Delhi-Haryana Border to Basai Rail-over-Bridge (ROB) and the 8.7 km long Basai ROB to Kherki Daula comprise the two packages of the 19. km long Haryana segment of the 8-lane Dwarka Motorway, which was constructed for about Rs 4,100 crore. It will also provide direct access to Delhi’s IGI Airport and the Gurugram Bypass.

Prime Minister Modi speaks to the assembly.

At the event, Prime Minister Modi remarked that only in the first three months of 2024 have projects totaling Rs. 10 lakh crore been officially launched or have had their foundations built.

“It’s barely been three months since 2024, and already the foundation stone for projects valued at Rs 10 lakh crore has been laid and inaugurated.” These are the only undertakings that I have contributed to. In addition, the foundation stone and development projects have been officially opened by a number of Chief Ministers and Ministers. In order to meet my goal of having a developed India by 2047, I want everything to happen quickly and on a large scale. The next five years will see a multiple-fold rise in development speed, he said.


According to the prime minister, the area is now among the National Capital Region’s fastest-developing.

“People used to stay away from this area after dusk, where the Dwarka Motorway is now located. There was a time when even the cab drivers refused to come here. It was thought that this whole area was hazardous. However, a lot of large corporations are coming here these days to set up shop. One of the NCR’s fastest-developing districts is now this one,” he remarked.

Additional initiatives started

The Prime Minister’s Office reports that the Prime Minister also officially opened 42 other major projects totaling Rs 20,500 crore in various states across the nation. These projects include the 9.6 km long, six-lane Urban Extension Road-II (UER-II)-Package 3 from Nangloi-Najafgarh Road to Sector 24 Dwarka section in Delhi; three packages of the Lucknow Ring Road developed at a cost of approximately Rs 4,600 crores in Uttar Pradesh; the Anandapuram -Pendulthi- Anakapalli section of NH16 developed at a cost of roughly Rs 2,950 crores in the state of Andhra Pradesh; the Kiratpur-Nerchowk section of NH-21 (2 packages) worth approximately Rs 3,400 crores in Himachal Pradesh; the Dobaspet-Heskote section (two packages) worth Rs 2,750 crores in Karnataka; and 42 other major projects worth Rs 20,500 crores in various states across the nation.

Additionally, PM Modi laid the cornerstone for a number of national highway projects around the nation. The foundation stone was laid for a number of significant projects, including 39 projects totaling Rs. 32,700 crores in various states across the nation, as well as 14 packages of the Bengaluru-Kadappa-Vijayawada Motorway in Andhra Pradesh, six packages of the Belgaum-Hungund-Raichur Section of NH-748A in Karnataka, three packages of the Shamli-Ambala Highway in Haryana, and two packages of the Amritsar-Badinda corridor in Punjab.