On International Women’s Day, outstanding women honored with awards

On International Women’s Day, outstanding women honored with awards

# “We are not half but the whole world, whoever is born is the daughter of a woman,” said Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra.

# The first copy of the book based on the life of Jagdishwar Nigam (ICS) was presented to Lubna Asif.

New Delhi, March 11, 2024:

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a ceremony was held at the Constitution Club of Delhi to honor women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Supreme Court Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra, a former judge of the Supreme Court of India, chaired a felicitation ceremony and symposium on women’s empowerment in advancing India. Lubbna Asif, National President-All India Minority Front, introduced guests and highlighted the achievements of women at various levels in the country. Among the attendees were Her Excellency Jenish Darbari, Consul General of the Republic of Montenegro in India, former Member of Parliament Anita Arya, Dronacharya Award-winning national kabaddi coach Padma Shri Sunil Dabas, and Himangi Sakhi, among others.

On the occasion, Lubna Asif was presented first copy of the book based on the life of Jagdishwar Nigam (IAS) titled , “The Real Story of the Administrator – (Jagdishwar Nigam IAS) Versus the British Rule on August 19, 1942,” by H.E.Dr. Janice Darbari , Honorary Counsel General of Montenegro in India.

The program was organized by Social Welfare Society Chairman Abhishek Mishra, Lubna Asif, President of All India Minority Front, Drishti Gupta, were among the organizers who attended the program and praised its success.

The committee organized a beautiful program on the occasion of International Women’s Day, where women from all sectors were present. A spectrum was prepared for women that made it seem like a celebration was being held at the Constitution Club’s auditorium. The committee selected women who had achieved special positions in their respective fields for recognition and honored them with awards. The awardees included Mrs. Parul Garg, Dr. Mehrun Nisa, Ms. Kalpana Jha, Deepti Ray, Sundar Ray, Akriti Singh, Alka June, Pallavi Mishra, Ruhi Bhati, Sonia Datt, Rita Singh, Manjari Jha, Himani Varma, Sangita Chanu, Charu Sharma, and Vibha Chintale among water women.

On the occasion, women speakers said that although they are considered half the world, they are actually the whole world. They said that they have achieved many successes and have reached the pinnacle in various fields. The reservation of 33% for women in Parliament has raised hopes and great expectations. The progress of women will continue in this way. They take on tasks with great skill and now women in the field of sports are achieving new heights for India. This is a matter of satisfaction for us.

Justice Mishra said that efforts must continue to change society’s mindset so that a sense of equality is fostered at the mental level throughout society. Speakers in the program praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s excellent contribution to the advancement of women. A speaker said that formerly Mrs. Indira Gandhi was our inspiration, and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a source of inspiration. He is bringing various plans for the upliftment of women, and due to this, the status of women has improved. If this process continues, we will soon stand on the pedestal of equality.

The seminar did not see the mentality of ‘Walk Alone’ and did not deny the contribution of men; rather, it was said that women and men are two tracks like the rails of a railway track, and if the train is to be run, both have to remain parallel in the same direction. This is happening. Women who deliver religious sermons and other devotees said that in the field of religion, they are not lagging behind anyone. The number of listeners and viewers is in the millions. This means their dominance is increasing in every field. This is the achievement of International Women’s Day and the country.