Election Commission must provide funds to all candidates as a means to contest elections: ABMP

Election Commission must provide funds to all candidates as a means to contest elections: ABMP

# Two vehicles, two security guards, five supporters, and two months for campaigning needed

# Provisions should be made by the Election Commission to restrict parties from halting campaigning and to seize the property of candidates/representatives who fail to fulfill promises within three years

# Letter of condition must be attached with nomination

# Election Commission should abolish the old election symbols of political parties and create rules to provide all candidates with election symbols without discrimination

March 19, 2024, New Delhi,

The Akhil Bhartiya Manavtawadi Party (ABMP) held a press conference at the Press Club of India in Delhi on Tuesday to talk about the party’s identity, ideology, and objectives. Party leaders asked Election Commission to provide funds to all candidates as a means to contest elections, so that the Constitution can be safeguarded from violations of the right to equality during the electoral process.

The leaders also demanded that the Election Commission put provisions for seizing property when candidates/representatives of parties fail to fulfill promises within three years and to create rules for ending the old election symbol of political parties, as well as for giving all candidates equal election symbols without discrimination. On the occasion, the Akhil Bhartiya Manavtawadi Party’s National President Mr. Ram Sagar Gupta was present as the chief guest, while as special guests, the party’s National General Secretary Ram Bahadur Mathur, National Vice President Bhirgu Nath Yadav, National Election Officer Harendra Yadav, National Secretary Saudagar Singh, spokesperson Dr. P.C. Yadav, National Treasurer Laxman Gupta, National Executive Member Seema Gupta, Office Secretary Ramvir Singh, ABMP Control Commission Chairman Dr. Vidyarthi Prasad, Dr. Lalit Kaul, and CPI(M) Member Anju Gupta, along with other party workers, were present.

During this press conference, Ram Sagar Gupta said, “The expenditure in elections is determined up to 90 lakhs rupees. This is too much because those who have money are the ones who stay ahead in the elections due to their party’s support. It is a kind of violation of the right to equality in the electoral process. Therefore, there is a demand from the Election Commission to discuss this issue so that everyone can have the right to equality.”

Ram Bahadur Mathur raised demands of imposing limits on electoral finances and ending the provision of candidates spending money. He said, “Supportive and transparent rules should be implemented in the electoral process.” He also demanded from the Election Commission two vehicles, two security guards, and five supporters for campaigning, along with two months for campaigning.

Bhirgu Nath Yadav asked for providing opportunities for economically weaker people to contest elections, and Harendra Yadav urged the Election Commission to create new rules regarding this. They said, “Rules should be made to provide more opportunities for the general public to participate in the electoral process.”

The party speakers also mentioned that the press conference is an important step in gathering social support for the party’s demands and raising their voice for democratic reforms. They expressed gratitude to everyone and appealed for support and assistance for their demands. Additionally, the party released its manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections and announced the names of candidates with conditions of new rules.