Join the ‘Gen Next’ Virtual Design Festival 2024 for preparing your design skills

Join the ‘Gen Next’ Virtual Design Festival 2024 for preparing your design skills

Aspiring designers gear up for an unparalleled design journey with the “Gen Next” Virtual Design Festival 2024, a ground breaking collaboration between College dunia and AIDAT. Scheduled from January to June 2024, this innovative initiative brings together over 50 leading design colleges across India to redefine design education through an immersive and transformative experience.
Get ready to enter the world of design : 

The festival offers a diverse range of opportunities for participants to enhance their skills and creativity:

1. 30+ Master Classes for College Readiness: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of design gurus, industry titans, HODs, deans, and professors. These master classes are tailored to prepare participants for the challenges of college-level design education.

2. Showcase Talent in 30+ Design Contests: Participants can shine on the national stage by participating in design contests that encourage creativity and transcend conventional boundaries.

3. Connect with Design Icons for Career Guidance: Exclusive sessions with design luminaries offer invaluable insights, providing personalized career guidance and shaping the creative destiny of aspiring designers.

4. 30+ Virtual Workshops for Expertise: Dive into specialized workshops that promise hands-on learning, honing skills, and transforming participants into design maestros. These workshops provide practical learning experiences.

5. Brainstorm to Explore Design Horizons: Stimulating sessions encourage out-of-the-box thinking, pushing the boundaries of design exploration and fostering innovation.

6. Personalized Prep: Choose 5+ Sessions/Month: Tailor your learning experience by selecting a minimum of 5 sessions per month based on your interests, ensuring a focused and impactful learning journey.

How to Enroll:
Step 1 : Choose Your Sessions: Select a minimum of 5 sessions per month via a user-friendly Google Form shared through email.

Step 2 : Complete the Registration Form:

Step 3 :Fill in your details to secure your front-row seat, ensuring you don’t miss this ground breaking event.

Step 4 : Receive Confirmation: Upon enrollment, receive a confirmation along with access details delivered straight to your inbox.

Step 5 : Participate in Contests: Register to unleash your design prowess in monthly contests and showcase your creative genius.

AIDAT – Transformative Design Platform

In addition to the Virtual Design Festival, AIDAT introduces the All India Design Aptitude Test (AIDAT), India’s 1st National Level Design Entrance Exam. AIDAT serves as a transformative platform facilitating applications for prestigious design academics at nationally acclaimed universities. It provides a wealth of resources, including reading materials, design news, industry awareness, counseling, and invaluable career guidance.
Renowned universities participating in AIDAT offer a diverse array of diploma, bachelor, and master degree programs, making it the ultimate choice for design aspirants seeking excellence in various specializations.

Edinbox – Diverse Entrance Exams

Edinbox, a pioneer in education-focused media, goes beyond AIDAT to offer diverse entrance exams catering to various interests, including AIFSET, GMCET, and AIPMCET. These assessments open doors to global opportunities by collaborating with South Asian universities, providing aspirants with a pathway to higher education tailored to their passions.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the most transformative design journey at India’s “Gen Next” Virtual Design Festival 2024. Join a community where creativity knows no bounds, and the future of design education is redefined!