Amidst devotion and love for Lord Ram Mandakini Bora’s voice will spread the Magic

Amidst devotion and love for Lord Ram Mandakini Bora’s voice will spread the Magic


Amidst the long wait of more than 500 years, the unwavering faith of millions of Ram devotees in the return of Lord Shri Ram to his holy city Ayodhya never wavered and now that Lord Shri has returned to his city Ayodhya, the whole country is busy celebrating it grandly. It is felt that in such an atmosphere colored with the colors of Lord Ram, the famous singer Mandakini Bora also sang music with her magical voice and paid her homage to Lord Shri Ram along with singer Lokesh Garg, who will bring such a video album Ram Ko Aayenge. Dedicated to Ram devotees amid a grand program organised in New Delhi.

The whole atmosphere of this grand evening was full of joy, where the leader of Vishva Hindu Parishad was present on the stage wearing a grand placard of Lord Shri Ram and Darshan Kumar, brother of Gulshan Kumar of T-Series, was also present in this evening along with other distinguished guests in this wonderful video. Was present at the release of the album.

While talking to the media present here, Singer Mandakini Bora said that I have seen the government’s cycle of repression on Ram devotees for years, I have seen the cycle of repression by the government which shoots Karsevaks with bullets, but despite that cycle of oppression and repression, the struggle of Ram devotees never stops. Never stopped, Ram devotees never gave up and then the popular Prime Minister of the country, Modi ji and Yogi ji, with full respect for the judiciary, built such a grand temple of Lord Shri Ram in the city of Ram ji, in which every corner of the country can come to see Ram Lala. Lakhs of Ram devotees are coming to Ayodhya not only from India but also from abroad.

Mandakini further said that in such a Ram-filled atmosphere, we also decided to pay our respects to Shri Ram through music and started working on this project with Lokesh Garg, and the video album of Ram Ko Laane Wale Aayenge with Arvind Shankar. Started planning, we did not set up the shooting of the album in any studio but went to shoot the song to every corner of Ayodhya where the name of Lord Shri Ram was mentioned, not just for one or two but for seven days, apart from Ayodhya, we traveled to Uttarakhand. It was shot at different locations, went to the ashrams and took the blessings of the sages and saints and prayed to them to give their blessings to this album. I shot this album with these sages and saints by placing saffron flags on the boats in the Saryu river and then made the audio. Used 250 track sound system for best quality.

Singer Mandakini Bora and Lokesh Garg said that we have dedicated this album to Lord Shri Ram along with Modi ji and Yogi ji because without the blessings of both of them, it was impossible to build such a grand temple of Lord Shri Ram.

In this grand event, Mr. Vijay Tiwari Naresh Shah from Mandakini Production and Day & Days Entertainment, Music Director Javed Hussain, Kapil Khanna (President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad), Mr. Lokesh Muni Ji (International President, Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti), Honorable Mr. Shri Krishna Shah. Vidyarthi Ji Maharaj (Mahamandaleshwar All India Valmiki Mandir Akhara), religious guru Ranjit Maharaj Ji, Acharya Shailesh Tiwari Ji (Astrologer and Kuber Yantra Siddha Peeth) and Darshan Kumar etc. had special presence.