Pakistan launches retaliatory strikes into Iran, nearly nine killed

Pakistan launches retaliatory strikes into Iran, nearly nine killed


Cross-Border Tensions Escalate Amidst Ongoing Middle East Crises

In a recent development, Pakistan has launched a missile strike into Iran, just a day after Iran reportedly carried out strikes on Pakistan. The retaliatory action has resulted in the reported deaths of nearly nine individuals on Iranian soil.

Pakistan contends that the targeted areas within Iran’s south-eastern Sistan-Baluchestan province were identified as ‘terrorist hideouts.’ According to Iran’s state TV, the strikes claimed the lives of three women, two men, and four children.

These cross-border strikes add to the existing tensions in the Middle East, where multiple crises are unfolding simultaneously. Notably, Israel is engaged in conflicts with the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza, facing hostilities with Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon. Additionally, Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria are targeting US forces, while the US and UK have launched strikes against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the strikes on Thursday, stating that they were carried out near the city of Saravan. The ministry justified its actions, citing “credible intelligence of imminent large-scale terrorist activities.” It emphasized full respect for Iran’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity” in the process. The situation adds a layer of complexity to the already volatile regional dynamics.