Suzuki Celebrates Remarkable Milestone with 80 Million Global Sales; India Emerges as Second Largest Market After Japan

Suzuki Celebrates Remarkable Milestone with 80 Million Global Sales; India Emerges as Second Largest Market After Japan


Suzuki, a renowned name in the automotive industry, has achieved an extraordinary feat by reaching global sales of 80 million units. This milestone highlights Suzuki’s enduring success and its ever-growing presence in the automotive world. Notably, India has emerged as the second-largest market for Suzuki, following closely behind its home market of Japan.

Here’s a breakdown of the sales figures: Japan accounts for 28.9 million units, while a significant 51.27 million units were sold overseas. The geographical distribution of sales is as follows: Japan at 36 percent, India at 32.6 percent, Europe at 10 percent, Asia at 13.5 percent, and Others (encompassing Latin America, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, etc.) at 7.8 percent.

Suzuki’s journey began with the launch of Japan’s first mass-production mini vehicle, the Suzulight, in October 1955. Since then, Suzuki has consistently delivered innovative products tailored to customer needs, aligning with the evolution and development of mini vehicles.

In 1965, Suzuki marked its entry into compact vehicles with the introduction of the Fronte 800. Overseas sales commenced in 1959 with the export of the Suzulight. In 1975, Suzuki initiated its first overseas automobile production in Pakistan, subsequently expanding its overseas production bases, including India in 1983 and Hungary in 1992. In India, Suzuki’s manufacturing plants have not only catered to the domestic market but also played a crucial role in exports to various destinations, including Africa.

Presently, Suzuki operates 15 automobile production facilities in 10 different countries, in addition to its home base in Japan. Suzuki automobiles are cherished in 184 countries and regions across the globe.

Among Suzuki’s remarkable achievements, the Alto, introduced in 1979, deserves special mention, accounting for a remarkable 20 percent of the 80 million units sold. Over the past 44 years, the Alto has won the hearts of customers and established itself as one of the quintessential models representing Japanese mini vehicles. Initially a Japanese mini vehicle, the Alto has gained widespread popularity worldwide, particularly in India, where it has significantly contributed to Suzuki’s impressive sales figures in the country.

Looking ahead, Suzuki remains committed to its mission of customer-centric manufacturing. The company aims to continue delivering valuable products that cater to the unique needs of each region. Ryosaku ‘Rick’ Suzuki, President of Suzuki Motor Corporation, expressed his gratitude for the immense support from customers. He emphasized the significance of the Alto as Suzuki’s top-selling model and pledged to uphold Suzuki’s manufacturing principles rooted in ‘Sho, Sho, Kei, Tan, Bi (Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, Beauty).’ The company’s core spirit of ‘customer-focused value’ will continue to drive Suzuki as it provides eco-friendly products and services, supporting daily transportation needs globally and standing as a reliable, companion-like lifestyle partner.