Celebrating Unity and Light: RWA Type 5 of East Kidwai Nagar hosts Diwali Milan

Celebrating Unity and Light: RWA Type 5 of East Kidwai Nagar hosts Diwali Milan


Residents Welfare Association (RWA) Type 5 in East Kidwai Nagar on Saturday celebrated Diwali Milan, a festive gathering that brings together the vibrant society members in a spirit of unity and light.


Diwali Milan was organised on Saturday , the event was an evening filled with joy, camaraderie, and cultural festivities. The event successfully strengthened the bonds within the society members, creating lasting memories for residents of all ages.


Dr. Nity Sharma, said, “Diwali is a time when diverse communities come together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. It’s a beautiful reflection of our unity and shared values. I am excited to see families join in the festivities and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.”


Sanjay Bist, active member of the RWA society, highlighted the significance of such events: “In our busy lives, it’s essential to take a moment to connect with our neighbors. Diwali Milan provided the perfect platform for us to strengthen our bonds, exchange good wishes, and celebrate the rich cultural tapestry that makes our community so unique.”


Parveez Alam, resident and participant in organizing the event, shared his thoughts: “Diwali Milan was a time to break barriers and foster a sense of belonging. Our society is diverse, and this celebration allowed us to get closer to neighbours. Coming together, lighting up our lives, made this Diwali Milan a memorable experience for everyone.”


Speaking on the occasion, Shri KW Kharbuli who originally hails from Meghalaya who joined with his family said it’s good to see so many people from different parts of India coming together to celebrate Deewali. Deewali is a festival of light and prosperity. I wish the same for my countrymen.


The Diwali Milan event featured cultural performances, traditional food, and a vibrant display of lights. Residents actively participated, shared the festive spirit, and made this Diwali a truly special occasion for the RWA Type 5 community.